Crisis Management reached fever pitch on Sunday as lawmen,


 politicians and communities responded to the gruesome


shooting and video tape of an elderly man in Cleveland.


In our evolving world of social media channels and access to


thousands if not millions of people instantaneously,


perpetrators of crime have increasingly gone to the world wide


 web to document their crimes. 



Stephen (Stevie) Stevens is a man in crisis.  On Easter Sunday


Stevens posed a ranting, raving video of himself describing how


 he planned to kill someone and had killed others.  He alleges to


have killed 13 people and wishes to kill others.  He says that he


 will keep killing until he is caught.  Ironically, Steven’s had been


 working for a mental health agency


In the video, Stevens singles out and targets an elderly man,


 asks him a question and proceeds to shoot the man in the head


in cold blood killing him.  He then video’s the man’s bleeding


body on the ground and casually gets back into his vehicle


described as a white Ford Fusion and drives away.


The victim, identified as 74-year-old Robert Goodwin Sr. was a


loved and respected family man returning home after Easter




Stevens subsequently posted the gruesome video on Facebook


and alleges to have killed additional people on Easter Sunday.


To date, there have been no confirmed additional crimes that


can be attributed to Stevens.


He has been charged with aggravated murder and is currently a


 fugitive from justice.  Residents of the states of Pennsylvania,


Indiana, and Michigan have been placed on alert as he is


believed to be possibly headed to New York seeking family.


In the interim, his place of work has been closed, family and


 friends are being cautioned and Steven’s known circles and


loose associations are all living on the edge until he is





Unfortunately, there is no peaceful end to this psychopathic


chain of events.  Since Stevens has not voluntarily turned


himself in, it is likely that his cowardly run from justice will end


with either with him challenging police (a battle which he will


loose) or him killing himself in a effort to evade justice.