Virtualization and social media have forever changed the way we view and react to the police's action, inaction, and interaction with our communities, raising questions on how life threatening situations are and should be handled and how they’re ultimately impacting America’s confidence in law enforcement. Matthew Horace, who works in blue and lives in black and brown, is here to reveal a fresh perspective on this endless debate, from the gray area that exists between reality and perception.

Matthew W. Horace | Media Subject Matter Expert

"Coptics: The Optics of Policing in the Digital Age" chronicles Horace’s commentary on CNN and other major networks on some of America’s most high profile police shootings, including the deaths of Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, and Walter Scott, as well as tragic and senseless shootings of police officers in Dallas, Texas, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Philadelphia, PA. It also delivers in depth analysis of what went wrong, offering solutions on how to improve police community relationships while also sharing interviews and a profoundly personal account of what it means to be Black in Blue, an African American law enforcement officer on the inside of the Blue Line, and the role that optics play in our day to day lives, ultimately revealing why all lives matter.