New Year's Rockin Eve - Law Enforcement And Security

I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania watching legendary music host Dick Clarke. He was a national icon. For years the iconic legend  became the voice and face of New Years as rang in the new year with his “New Year Rockin Eve”.  He and we were focused on music, fun, and that magical moment when the ball dropped signaling the beginning of a New Year.  Dick Clarke never talked about security.
Safety and security were a part of he narrative but now Safety and Security is “The Narrative”.  Driven largely by the events of 9-11, mass shootings, truck bombs, school shootings, marathon bombings the global war on terrorism and mall attacks, the worlds obsession with our safety and security has never been at a higher stage of alert.
With sand trucks, concrete barriers, street closures for dozens of city blocks and the visual presence of thousands of police officers in tactical equipment, our safety and security is at the forefront of all of our minds.As resolute as we are to live free and not allow the forces of evil to erode our democracy, we all nonetheless aware and alert.
Phrases like, “If You See Something, Say Something” are etched in our minds and we all should understand our individual and collective roles in participating in the multi layered approach to securing each other.
I know better than anyone that law enforcement will be on point and on task throughout the nation and throughout the world tonight. Tonight, hundreds of thousands of Law Enforcement Officers will work tonight – away from their own families and loved ones, working double shifts in natures elements and the worlds uncertainty.  And then there are the invisible assets.
As citizens, lets give law enforcement and security the support that they need in ensuring our safety, maintain our vigilance and awareness against acts of terror and evil and by all means have a Happy New Year.  Dick Clarke would have wanted it that way.