“Matt Horace is a true Patriot who served his country nobly and effectively as a senior Federal Law Enforcement official. I am inspired by his passion, energy, love of our country and expertise in matters related to National Security. Matt has become an expert analyst in complex Corporate/Business matters along with the breath and depth of his knowledge base related to Law Enforcement, Crime and Terrorism. Matt understands the relevance of leadership and developing leaders.”

Richard Kendell

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer - IPG
Founder and Chief Executive Officer - FEHSF

“I had the privilege of working for Matthew Horace for more than two years and found his experience and energy was surgical in driving effective strategies to confront and overcome organizational challenges. Executive, Author, Adjunct Professor and Media Commentator, Matthew is a highly sought out spokesperson who is a champion at leading, advising and mentoring professionals serving in a host of disciplines and industries. Matthew is an advocate at unleashing talent within an organization to attack problems that are detrimental to organizational success. Matthew’s leadership is infectious and resonates across industry lines to steer professionals to embrace a holistic approach to overcome organizational challenges in a competitive environment.”

Paul J. Schmick

Vice President of Security Technology - Alliance Security Services
Executive Director – Homeland Security Department – The Long Island Business Institute

Chris Cuomo

“Matt is frequently called on to comment on CNN New Day. He is a valued source to our team. His commentary is always a great contribution to our show. We love to have him because he brings a strong point of view for our audience.”

Chris Cuomo

CNN’s New Day Anchor

“At our recent ASIS Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day event, Matt Horace was selected to deliver our keynote address to Law Enforcement Officers from various agencies in our area. As a former law enforcement agent, who started his career in the Washington Metropolitan Area he was able to connect with the audience and engage them. With his use of anecdotes, war stories and heart felt appeals, blended with his first hand expertise as a true security and law enforcement professional, the audience was truly captivated by his speech. We are grateful that Mr. Horace was able to carve out time from his busy schedule to provide uplifting words to societies greatest unsung heroes. Based on the current state of law enforcement and community relations in our country, the timing was perfect.”

B.J. Folayan

ASIS Vice Chair, National Capital Chapter

Nancy Grace

“Matthew Horace is incredible! He is a regular on our HLN nightly show, Nancy Grace. He’s dynamic, thoughtful and always right on point!”

Nancy Grace

Host - HLN Nancy Grace Show

“Matthew Horace served as our keynote speaker on Monday, August 17, 2015 for our Opening Ceremony during the 28th Annual National Asian Peace Officers’ Association (NAPOA) Symposium at the Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel in New Orleans, LA. Matt also served as our keynote speaker for our VIP Luncheon on the same date. The theme of this year’s training symposium was “One Vision, One Voice, One Mission.” Matt was able to convey this critical message to those assembled for the opening ceremony and to senior managers at the VIP Luncheon. Matt’s experience and candor set the pace for the rest of the conference. NAPOA commends Matt for his efforts in advocating that citizens and law enforcement officials work more closely together to achieve a common goal and greater understanding within our disparate communities.”

Thomas Masters, James Ng, Taerance Oh

National Asian Peace Officer Association

“During his time as a key federal law enforcement leader, Matt was frequent presenter, instructor and speaker for professional development events and conferences for other police leaders. He never failed to deliver an important message in a compelling and entertaining manner. And he was never short of strong views, and strongly supported by our membership.”

Mitchell C. Sklar

Executive Director, New Jersey State Association Of Chiefs Of Police