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March 08, 2017

Crisis Of The Week - Signet (Sterling) Fights Sex Scandal

Sterling Jewelers, which operates the Kay Jewelers and Jared the Galleria of Jewelry businesses, is in the crisis hot seat after some 250 current and former employees—both male and female—filed a private, class-action arbitration case alleging rampant sexual harassment and discrimination from the late 1990s through the 2000s...

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February 16, 2017

Matthew Horace: The controversy of "Coptics" and life as a compassionate warrior.

A winter Nor’easter lands its heavy blows along the eastern seaboard and Matthew Horace travels through the storm on a mission. Today, he is in Baltimore and despite the weather, he’s on the go, writing his next book and talking about “Coptics” - his holistic platform and solution based action plan for policing in the digital age. Mr. Horace lives and works at the convergence point of technology, policing, community unrest and all that lies beneath the movement of "Black Lives Matter"...

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January 23, 2017

Matt Horace: Policing in the Digital Age

Social media has transformed America’s confidence in law enforcement and the reputations of law enforcement professionals. We asked Matt Horace, a security and crisis management expert, how police agencies around the country can adapt to this new reality...

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January 15, 2017

Wall Street Journal - Crisis Of The Week - Will Odebrecht's Act Of Contrition Save It's Reputation?

The crisis this week involves Odebrecht SA, the Brazil-based construction company that last month signed an agreement with the U.S. Justice Department to pay between $2.6 billion and $4.5 billion to settle Foreign Corrupt Practices Act claims. The money will go to cover claims made by authorities in the U.S., Brazil and Switzerland related to charges against the company and some top executives for conspiring with other companies to overbill Brazilian state-owned oil companyPetroleo Brasileiro for contracts, and for bribing Petrobras executives and politicians...

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October 25, 2016

Crisis of the Week: Crown Resorts Deals With Employee Arrests

This is a weekly commentary by external experts. Australia-based casino operator finds itself in crisis mode after authorities in China arrested 18 of its employees for alleged and unspecified gambling crimes. As of now, no charges have been filed against the employees. Crown, partly owned by billionaire , has experienced a surge in Chinese visitors to...

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August 19, 2016

The Morning Risk Report: Business Offers Blueprint to Improve Law Enforcement Optics

A group of reputation-management experts has banded together to create a program to help law enforcement agencies better manage their social media engagement and improve their perceptions with people and within communities. The so-called “Coptics” program developed by the Hetty Group draws from best practices employed by large companies that already have seen the value in being active members of social media to tell their stories and address issues that if not handled properly could blow up into big controversies, said Florence Chung, founder of the Hetty Group. “We believe that if you aren’t telling your story, the world will,” said Ms. Chung. “And the world often doesn’t know the facts.”...

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June 19, 2016

Will Black America Really Answer The Call For Young Men?

We live in an ever-evolving society where our young boys and men are extremely impressionable by an onslaught of influences. Whether it’s TV, music, video games, social media or social circles, there is no shortage of negativity that’s waiting to prey. The challenge for our nation is to find a way to relevantly connect and engage our youth early and position them to avoid pitfalls and prepare them to realize the highest potential...

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June 14, 2016

How was the Orlando gunman able to purchase the firearms?

New York native Omar Mateen has been identified as the gunman behind the horrific Florida nightclub shooting that left 50 dead. Former ATF agent Matt Horace joins CBSN to discuss how Mateen got possession of heavy firearms, and what authorities are doing to monitor gun use in the U.S.

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April 03, 2016

On demand: Valley man goes from beat cop to TV news security expert

Matthew Horace spent nearly three decades working his way to being a nationally recognized security expert. He worked in federal, state and local law enforcement before ascending to the senior executive service ranks in the U.S. Department of Justice, managing local, regional, national and international investigations. Now, the Forks Township resident is using that experience to educate millions annually about public safety and how they can contribute to it. If you watch TV news, chances are you've seen him...

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February 05, 2016

Why won't the CIA reveal what's in its art collection?

The CIA's fortress headquarters in Langley, Virginia is home to more than few surprises, like a branch of Starbucks where the baristas definitely don't ask names, and a museum of spying you'll never set foot in. And those are just the details they're authorized to talk about. Langley is the nerve center of an espionage empire with a budget in the billions. Its classified headcount of intelligence operatives are tasked with, among other things, sabotaging ISIS and waging cyber warfare -- so it is understandable that the agency is a little tightlipped…

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January 29, 2016

Oregon standoff suspects denied bond

A federal judge on Friday denied bond for Ammon Bundy and other members of a group that occupied a federal wildlife facility in Oregon. So far 11 people have been arrested -- 10 in Oregon and one in Arizona -- and none has left jail. Four members of the protest group remain inside the refuge. In a YouTube video posted Friday, a man said they would leave when they and all defendants were pardoned…

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January 28, 2016

911 dispatcher may be disciplined in teen's fatal Chicago police shooting

A Chicago 911 dispatcher is facing possible disciplinary action for the handling of a frantic call from a teenager who police shot and killed just minutes after he phoned for help. Christmas Eve morning, Quintonio LeGrier made three phone calls, pleading with dispatchers to send an officer to his West Side home and repeatedly telling them that someone was threatening his life. During one of the calls, a 911 dispatcher hung up on LeGrier…

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