Coptics Is The Optics of Policing In The Digital Age

Law enforcement is going through a PR crisis.  Video clips of incidents involving the use of force by police continues to raise questions.  We understand that there are countless stories of police officers doing great things. Coptics is the condition and reality and  "Optics" play a role in our new reality. This new reality poses a challenge for law enforcement in building trust with their communities. A PEW report this week verified that White Officers and Black Officers view the problem very differently. Of course we do, we have different lenses and different life experiences. This is why it is important for police departments to represent the communities that they serve. It is important to address the optics of the issue.
HLN Interview:
Until law enforcement must rises to meet the new challenges brought forth by the optics of policing in the digital age, we run the risk of continuing the devolving public relations spiral. Law Enforcement organizations must begin to adopt proactive and consistent messaging campaigns that incorporate social media, reputation management and community engagement. We must work collaboratively to make the world we live in a better place.